• Music Recording

The studio runs an Apple iMac 3.06hz, 8 GB Ram featuring Logic Pro X as it's recording platform along with the 16 track TASCAM US 1641 interface sound card. Studio Monitoring is by Behringer Truth B2031A speakers. The studio provides the following instruments: Rhode NT 2 vocal microphone, Roland VG 8 guitar processor for electric guitar work, Music Man Sub Bass (4 string), Fender Stratcaster, Epiphone Acoustic, Mapex Meridian drum kit and various percussion instruments. A Yamaha PSR 280 keyboard for drum click tracks and for some additional sounds as required. The studio boasts a 16 track mutirecording functionality using a Tascam US -1641 sound card.

Typically, the recording process involves instruments being multi tracked, especially for the more involved songs. Songs of a simpler nature can be recorded and captured live. Costing is at $25/hour + GST for studio time.

BassRick Ltd is predominantly a company designed for the manufacture and marketing of music. However over time, the function of BassRick Ltd has expanded into several other avenues. The studio and company premises are based in CARTERTON, New Zealand and is owned by John Mabey.

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  • Publishing and promotion
  • List of albums

BassRick Ltd will design and produce your album involving sleeve design and construction, CD cover design and CD production from 100 to 1000+ copies.

BassRick ltd will provide photography design for your CD image.

BassRick Ltd will then promote your CD and help increase your profile in the New Zealand market via radio and possibly TV via music videos and globally via the most appropriate distribution internet sites.

BassRick Ltd will help in the acquiring of music and video grants via NZ on Air.

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 Acting and Performance

This relates to the promotion and performance of actors for TV, commercials and film work. John uses the talent agency NZ Talent run by Sharen Powers to manage these opportunities.

To date John has been successful in passing the auditions and acting in a TV3 drama series, 5 TV commercials and 1 major international block buster movie ( as an extra).

John is also an experienced and award winning theatre actor with 20 plus shows performed over the past 13 years on the stages of Harlequin Theatre, MATS Theatre, Greytown Little Theatre and Pahiatua Repertory. John favours comedy in particular but is adept at all genres of theatre performance. He is also very capable in musicals.

John is an award winning Director with the one act play “Indian Summer” played at Pahiatua Repertory with Adrienne Hurley and Lesley Courtney. John has directed and acted in the Ben Elton play “GASPING” which was applauded critically and at the box office.

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 Prestige Property Management

Fancy name eh!

We attend your property and make sure it is tidy, clean and well maintained.

We offer a quality service mandate to attend your lawns, gardens, fences, minor maintenance work and general house and yard jobs.

We guarantee our work.

You know those jobs that often need doing but you just don't get around to it...

Well give us a call and let us see how we can help you keep a great looking property. We look forward to making your life just that little bit easier.

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